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    Drawing from our personal and professional experience, we have found certain resources to be worthy of recommendation.  Accordingly, we're compiled them into a store on Amazon.  If you buy something through our link, you'll be supporting UM (and your own practice).  

    Please note that we strive to provide recommendations with integrity, devoid of any potential outside influences. Accordingly, we do not receive any money, kickbacks, goods, or services in exchange for listings on our site. None. Zero. Nada. You might have noticed that we don’t allow any advertising either! Banner ads are not consistent with our mission to reduce distractions and promote awareness. Plus, they create the potential for bias or a conflict of interest (e.g., if someone is paying you money for an ad, then you’re less likely to be objective about the product). So, that’s why we don’t have any ads.  It does, however, cost us money to run this site, so please peruse these products and buy something through us, if you'd like.